ME410/510 Development Engineering

Development Engineering

ME 410 / 510 - Winter 2018


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Over a billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water, two billion to safe sanitation, and three billion to reliable and safe sources of energy. While numerous technological, medical, and educational solutions have been implemented for the benefit of disadvantaged communities, on-going challenges remain.

Development organizations from volunteer groups like Engineers Without Borders, to non-profits like Mercy Corps to government aid like USAID or intergovernmental efforts through the World Bank all work in partnership with communities and governments in development countries to address their public health needs through assessment, education, appropriate technology, policy, microenterprise and social enterprise.

This course reviews some of the origins of poverty and the current conditions of people in developing countries, and offers some development solutions being pursued around the world. The course hopes to empower students to play an active role in international poverty reduction.

There will be a mid-term essay required based on a topic related to applying your field of study in international development in combination with other fields identified as pertinent to the success of development programs. 

The term project will be conducted in multi-disciplinary teams and will include a case study of a international development program, with suggested improvements that may increase the success and accountability of the targeted programs.

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