ME 370: The Mechanical Engineering Profession

Lecture Notes, Slides, and other Handouts

This page provides a public repository of the materials for ME 370. Do not just rely on this public web site. Additional materials, especially those with copyright restrictions are provided via links on the D2L web site. 


PDF iconME370_syllabus_Fall_2016.pdf

Lecture 1: Introduction and Career Planning


After Lecture 1, please read:

  • Preface in Citizen Engineer.

  • Introduction in Citizen Engineer. 

  • Chapter 1 in Citizen Engineer. 

  • Chapter 2 in Citizen Engineer.

All Citizen Engineer chapters here

Supplemental Reading

You may also find the following interesting, thought it is not required

Lecture Slides and Handouts


Lecture 2: Career Planning and Professional Communication


Homework: Individual Assignment 02

Lecture 3: Introduction to Intellectual Property


Read Chapter 12 in Citizen Engineer, Intellectual Property Law Fundamentals, which provides a comprehensive overview of the material presented in the lecture videos.

Video Segments of Lecture Slides

After you watch each of the following video segments, review the study questions which are designed to help you review the concepts presented in the videos.

Lecture Slides and Handouts

You can download single file version of the Lecture Slides used in the video segments. The single file version has some slight differences including two new slides (#27 and #28) onFirst to File and the International Patent Cooperation Treaty


  • Intellectual Property Quiz on D2L - Due 4:30 pm, Wednesday October 19. 

Lecture 4: Guest lecture by Frank Goovaerts

Guest Lecture by Frank Goovaerts PDF iconEssential Steps to Career Success - ME370 v5.pdf

Lecture 5: Social Entrepreneurship

Guest Lecture

Lecture 6: Innovation

Lecture Slides


"America's Best Days May be Behind It", New York Times, January 2016

Robert Gordan, The Death of Innovation

"Is Technological Progress a Thing of the Past?", VOX

"The Disruption Machine", The New Yorker, June 2014

"The Doomsday Invention," The New Yorker, November 2015

Supplemental notes


Lecture 7: Engineering Ethics


Lecture Slides, Links and Handouts

Lecture notes on "what you should know about innovation"

Extra Reading

On Paro Robots

Lecture 8: Ethical Frameworks, Moral Reasoning and Case Studies

Lecture Slides, Links and Handouts

Extra Reading

QUIZ 2 on Professional Ethics

On D2L - Due 4:30 pm, Wednesday November 30. 

Lecture 9: Engineering careers redux, and Implication of Mass Automation

Lecture Slides and handouts


Lecture Slides

Final Paper Assignment

Our final paper will be due Wednesday, December 7, at 11:59 pm to the D2L dropbox under Homework 4. In 2,500 to 5,000 words, this individual paper should review one of of the following topics:

 1. Reflect on what you personally view to be the greatest threats and opportunities you'll face in your engineering career, and how you will address / capitalize on them. 

2. Discuss the role of technology in society, with a particular view to emerging technologies that may influence societal standards. For example, the role of drones; medical robotics; automated cars; genetics. 

3. Consider a professional engineering ethics case study including a description of the circumstances, the outcome, the ethical and moral reasoning, and recommendations for avoiding similar circumstances in your own career. For example, the Volkswagon emissions testing defeat software case study. 

4. Another topic that you pre-clear with me prior to the deadline. 

The essay should be supported by references. We'll discuss in more detail in class. 


Links to technology demonstrations

Extra Reading

Lecture 10: No Class