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Urban Sustainability

Building Smart Cities

More than half the world’s population now resides in urban or rapidly urbanizing areas, crucibles for our most complex environmental and social problems.

But cities also present many opportunities to test and adapt solutions at an efficient scale, translating collective knowledge into action.

At Portland State, we capitalize on our location in one of the most sustainable cities in the world and our close alignment with local governments, businesses and organizations to fuel innovation. 

Our expertise includes sustainable transportation, integrated water and energy infrastructure, and development of sustainable neighborhoods. We build and study green buildings, but we also harness the power of community engagement to model how cities can define their futures.

Urban universities are uniquely positioned to deploy their missions of education and service to solve city-scale challenges while preserving natural systems and creating equitable economic opportunities for citizens. Portland State is answering the call to action.

Urban Sustainability research was featured in the May 2013 Research to Action Symposium