Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate sustainability programs are offered by the following departments and schools:

University Studies

Environmental Sciences and Management

  • Major: Environmental Studies - focuses on resource management and policy with study in the natural sciences, social sciences, geography, and environmental policy.
  • Major: Environmental Science - an interdisciplinary degree program that focuses on the natural sciences with an emphasis on environmental science, chemistry, biology and economics, and culminating in practical field experience working on projects in the university, metropolitan community, and region.
  • Minor: Sustainability - an understanding of the multidisciplinary concepts and practices integral to sustainable living.

Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • Major: Environmental Engineering - focuses on the fundamentals of environmental and water resources engineering with recommended tracks in geo-environmental, surface water hydrology and remote sensing, surface and groundwater water quality, groundwater hydrology, and air quality.
  • Minor: Environmental Engineering - for students not majoring in Civil Engineering. The minor program is available to students in other related departments who wish to take the subset of environmental engineering courses that Civil Engineering students take for their major.
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering - undergraduate program includes a track in building science with elective courses in Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC), Building Science, Building Energy Modeling, and Solar Energy Engineering.

School of Urban Studies and Planning

  • Major: Community Development - a process in which people act together to promote the social, economic, political, and physical well being of their community.
  • Minor: Sustainable Urban Development - an overview and introduction the important concepts and issues facing urban planning and efforts to make cities sustainable.