Small Backyard Homes

Five takeaways from the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions event on ADUs

Last month, the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) teamed up with the PSU Alumni Association for an evening spent discussing accessory dwellings, specifically striving to answer the question of whether accessory dwelling units—or ADUs—can effectively address Portland’s needs for affordable, equitable, and sustainable housing.

Students create preliminary ADU designs for Small Backyard Homes Initiative

Architecture students discussed their design ideas with residents in the Cully neighborhood
on Feb. 22 in partnership with community organization Living Cully.

Maps show 30 percent of Portland lots could host backyard homes

70,863 of the tax lots in Portland (about 30 percent) may be prime for ADU development.

Interested in putting a small backyard home on your property? Sign up here

Accessory dwelling units, rent or live in them

The Institute for Sustainable Solutions has partnered with Enhabit to offer a way for people to stay in the loop about emerging opportunities through our Small Backyards Home Initiative.