Content related to sustainability research by faculty, students or staff (or outside partners and peers).

Getting to the core of climate change with creative writing

This summer I spent a week collecting tree and plant data in the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon for a collaborative study that included Portland State University, the Nature Conservancy, and the Oregon Department of Forestry.

From data visualization to habitat inventories, PSU Living Lab program advances campus sustainability work

The PSU Living Lab program matches staff with students and faculty who bring fresh perspectives to develop unique and innovative solutions to campus sustainability challenges.

Community Spotlight: PhD student Dorothy Horn reflects on her NSF Fellowship

Dorothy Horn’s first words about the National Science Foundation Fellowship she landed this spring were simple: “It’s huge,” she said.

Community Spotlight: Q&A with Alida Cantor

A profile of new Institute for Sustainable Solutions Faculty Fellow Alida Cantor, her research on water justice issues in Hawaii, and how her young daughter inspires her work.

New policy to support green affordable housing gets boost from PSU research

On the day after Thanksgiving a new green building policy for affordable housing went into effect in Portland, a policy designed to reduce the overall cost of affordable housing in Portland while making buildings better performing, more efficient, and sustainable. The policy was bolstered by research funded by the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions and conducted by Elliott T. Gall, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Portland State University, and Liliana Caughman, a graduate student in Environmental Science & Management.

Videos: Sustainability in Action at PSU

On Sept. 28, PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions hosted Sustainability in Action to welcome in a new year and new PSU president, Rahmat Shoureshi. About 150 people gathered at the Smith Student Union Ballroom to hear from local sustainability leaders and discover opportunities to get involved in this changemaking work. Watch our featured speakers in the videos below.

IGERT students graduate with doctoral degrees and expertise in urban ecosystem services

Since 1998, the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) has been the National Science Foundation’s flagship interdisciplinary program, educating Ph.D. scientists and engineers across the U.S. The NSF effectively ended its IGERT program in 2015, at the same time that PSU admitted the last cohort of IGERT students into its program, focused on Ecosystems Services for Urbanizing Regions.

At Cully Critter Cruise, youth take a closer look at nature and careers in sustainability

As a Professional Science Master student in the Environmental Science and Management Department, I am exploring the different ways people engage with nature. This focus drew me to a local partnership of organizations working on a community event at a new Northeast Portland park—the Cully Critter Cruise. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions, through their Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative, supports this valuable community partnership and my participation in and research stemming from the event.

Coastal wetland restoration, climate change, and your next Instagram favorite

When was the last time you took a walk through a local park and wondered about the soil beneath your shoes and the quality of life for the plants growing nearby?