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Green Tech

How talking about race can help combat climate change

Antwi Akom has many great stories to tell. Infuriating stories. Sad stories. Stories that force you to question what you think you know about other people’s realities, and your own. In 2005, Akom was falsely arrested for going into his own faculty office at San Francisco State University to get books to prepare for his class the next day.

Wells Fargo teams with PSU on cleantech challenge

Portland State University and Wells Fargo are teaming up to present a new competition for students and faculty with innovative ideas about how to improve the way we operate in a resource-constrained environment.

Technology roadmaps for the future

From 3D TVs to wind turbines, new technologies seem to pop up every day. Using “technology roadmaps,” Associate Professor Tugral Daim helps companies, governments, and communities prioritize the needs of technology—improving inter-agency communication while integrating technological considerations into products and services.