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Sustainable drinking water

PSU Efforts

The Sustainable Drinking Water Task Force, appointed by PSU President Wiewel, convened student and staff partners to collaboratively identify means of reducing bottled water consumption on campus. View the task force report and recommendations. Stakeholders continue to meet and implement these recommendations.

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Learn more about our progress (pdf)


Why it matters

Bottled water is significantly more expensive than tap water, and is energy intensive in production, transportation, and disposal.

The main environmental impacts of bottled water are associated with the production of the bottles' plastic resin, and the waste those bottles become.




A recent Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) lifecycle analysis of drinking water delivery systems found that compared to consuming water from a disposable bottle, consuming the same amount of water from the tap in a reusable bottle reduces energy consumption by 85% and GHG emissions by 79%. These results held even when the reusable bottle was washed frequently in an inefficient dishwasher.

What you can do

Drink tap water from reusable cups & bottles: Portland'sTap Water is some of the best in the world. PSU also has several hydration locations for filling reusable water bottles, as well as a mobile outdoor refill station, the H2GO!

   >> View map of refill locations.

   >> Contact to borrow the          H2GO 

Get involved: The Take Back the Tap campaign for colleges and universities encourages consumption of tap water over bottled water.

Get Educated: For more information about the costs of bottled water, check out this great video from Story of Stuff Project.