Student Fellows of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions

"The ISS Student Fellows program is a valuable opportunity for students seeking to enter this field of work." - Brandon Lesowske, Student Fellow

We are a diverse network of 400+ undergraduate and graduate students from departments across campus who are interested in sustainability topics, research, and careers.

Join the Student Fellows of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions to get exclusive access to programs and activities that connect you with the sustainability community and help you develop professional skills, experience, and networks.

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Join Now

All current PSU students are invited to fill out the Student Fellows application. After you been accepted please check out the many opportunities that we have linked below to get started with your fellowship.

Program Details and Opportunities

As a Student Fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, you can receive exclusive opportunities, such as:

 Events and WorkshopsEvents & Workshops

Our events focus on building student connections, professional development, and furthering knowledge around sustainability topics.



STAR Funding

STAR Access

The Sustainability Training and Research Funding Program offers students the opportunity to attend sustainability conferences and workshops— an experience that prepares students to enter careers in sustainability and become leaders in their fields.


Mentorship ProgramSustainability Mentorship Program

The Sustainability Mentorship Program provides an opportunity to connect with professionals in a variety of sustainability-related fields. With the support of a Sustainability Mentor, students can discuss their professional goals, gain clarity on career interests, develop their networking skills, and more.


Takeout Program Takeout Program

The Takeout Program strengthens the link between students and faculty members at PSU by providing funding for Student and Faculty Fellows of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions to bring their sustainability conversations outside the classroom to casual eateries near campus.


Graduation CordSustainability Honor Cord & Certificate

The Graduation Sustainability Honor Cord and Certificate can be worn at PSU's Commencement Ceremony to recognize your involvement in sustainability during your time at PSU. Both are free to all graduating ISS Student Fellows.