Science Research & Teaching Center


The Science Research & Teaching Center serves as a vital link between science education, advanced research, and workforce development for healthcare, advanced manufacturing, biotech and high-tech industries. Originally built in 1970, the newly renovated building provides state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, new and remodeled classrooms, study space, laboratories, hazardous waste facilities and more. The updated facility better serves students, faculty and partners in biology, chemistry, environmental science and other disciplines.

2016: Three heat exchangers have been installed to recapture heat from mechanical systems, which normally would be exhausted into the atmosphere, and use it to pre-heat two building systems. This reduces the demand on the mechanical equipment needed to heat domestic hot water and the water used to heat the building.  Energy Trust of Oregon estimated that the project will save approximately 51,000 therms of natural gas annually, approximately 30% of total building use.

  • 2011 Major Renovation
  • More than 20% reduction in energy use over code
  • Walk Score® ranking of 92 - Walkers' Paradise
  • Uses roughly 50% less conditioned air than before renovation
  • Roof-top Photovoltaic Test Facility researches effects of combining solar panels with eco-roof technology


Key strategies include: high-efficiency HVAC systems; highly efficient lighting system; new hazardous materials facility improves safety and enables better control over chemicals; and increased site vegetation with native and adaptive plant species to reduce stormwater runoff.

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