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by Maria Sipin December 2, 2016
My name is Dakota Tangredi. I’m currently a fourth-year environmental science major, eternal learner, Portland Climate Action Collaborative intern at IRCO Africa House, and Resident Assistant for Portland State University on-campus housing. In terms of how I relax, I’m a rock climber, hiker, and avid laugher. I’m also vegan and an animal advocate. I use he, him, and his pronouns and am deeply passionate about environmental justice and climate justice.
by Fletcher Beaudoin November 29, 2016
Portland, Oregon, probably isn’t the first place you think of when the term “heat island” comes up. Rain? Yes. Heat? No. What about Phoenix, Los Angeles, cities in the Middle East—those really hot places? The trouble with these conventional perceptions of temperature is that places that have historically dealt with heat have been working on adaptation measures for decades, and in some cases millennia.
by Maria Sipin November 29, 2016
I’m Megan Horst, assistant professor in Urban Studies & Planning and faculty fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. I am interested in the relationships between land use planning, community food systems, and sustainability and justice. I recently co-authored a report called “The Future of Oregon's Agricultural Land,” as well as an article about getting planners to think beyond so-called "food deserts." I also have an article forthcoming on planning and food justice.
by Amanda Hudson November 28, 2016
The Institute for Sustainable Solutions has announced two new opportunities available exclusively to Student Fellows: professional development funding and leadership team applications. Read on to learn more about each opportunity.
by Anonymous November 8, 2016
The Portland State University Urban Sustainability Accelerator’s “New Thinking for a New Era” symposium on transportation investment decision-making Sept. 21-22 equipped participants with new ideas, tools and approaches to making transportation investment decisions.
by Beth Lloyd-Pool November 7, 2016