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by Lauren Everett February 9, 2017
The students and faculty of PSU’s new Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems gathered in January for their first cohort event. The certificate brings together students and faculty from diverse academic areas as a collaborative effort by the College of Urban and Public Affairs, the Graduate School of Education, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, and the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. The event was an opportunity to meet each other over coffee and engage in a discussion about the future of food systems issues under the new federal administration.
by Amy Rathfelder February 6, 2017

It is a dark and rainy evening in late October in the Lents neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Even though it is barely past five o’clock, it is already nighttime.

by Maria Sipin February 6, 2017

Portland State University has a reputation for innovation and collaboration. And during a time when leadership at the federal level is creating more barriers than pathways for sustainability work, innovation and collaboration are in high demand.

by Maria Sipin February 3, 2017
My name is Holly Swendig, and I am a senior in Portland State University’s Community Development Program and a Portland Climate Action Collaborative intern at Verde. I am very interested in equity and sustainability and hope to apply those lenses to everything I encounter.
by Dylan Johnstone January 26, 2017
Many Portlanders are starting to recognize that they want fun and safe ways to walk and bike in and around their neighborhoods. Stepping out of their homes to walk or ride a bike shouldn’t be scary or uncomfortable. By utilizing the Lents Green Ring, the neighborhood is thinking creatively about how to connect places they value such as home, schools, grocery stores, parks, and local businesses.
by Maria Sipin January 26, 2017
In April of 2016, PSU’s Beekeeping Task Force introduced two hives to campus in the Community Orchard. The flowers bloomed, luring the bees out to explore their new home. The bees visited the apple trees, pear trees, tomato plants, blueberry bushes, buckwheat flowers and anything else that intrigued them. As the student-led task force monitored them throughout the summer and into fall they noticed they had collected quite a bit of honey which meant one thing—Beekeeping Task Force collected their first honey harvest.