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by Kim Heavener October 10, 2016

Portland State University hosted the Fourth National Conference for Sustainability IGERTs (C4SI4) at the end of September.

by David Ervin September 23, 2016
Originally posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education's Letters to the Editor. To the Editor: I applaud your article on the need for higher federal support of agricultural research (“Farm Scientists See Ripening Opportunity for Greater Federal Support,” The Chronicle, September 13). It has languished for decades, missing key opportunities to move agriculture to a more productive and sustainable trajectory. However, your analysis neglects two public R&D opportunities that are vital to future success.
by Jacob Sherman September 15, 2016

Portland State’s motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City,” speaks to the value the University places on engagement with its community and region.

by Heather Spalding September 9, 2016

This summer, the Student Sustainability Center (SSC) relocated from our former location on the first floor of the Market Center Building to the

by Rebecca McLain September 8, 2016
The Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) and Verde, a community organization based in the Cully neighborhood, recently joined forces to map and prioritize the remaining gaps in Cully’s active transportation infrastructure network. This project, which began in mid-August 2016 and will continue through December 2016, leverages data collected during more than 50 community mapping events sponsored by Living Cully Walks, Verde’s active transportation advocacy program.