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by Laura Gleim August 7, 2017

The Institute for Sustainable Solution welcomed Jihane Nami to its team as project manager in July. 

by Maria Sipin August 7, 2017
Who are you? Masami Nishishiba, Chair and Associate Professor of Public Administration, Associate Director of the Center for Public Service in the Hatfield School of Government, and Faculty Fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions.
by Maria Sipin August 3, 2017
My name is Matt Gray. I am entering my second year of PSU's Master of Urban & Regional Planning program. I moved to Portland from Salt Lake City, Utah nearly a year ago. Since entering the program, I’ve been involved with Planning Club, board deputy for ITE-STEP (Students in Transportation Engineering and Planning), and Student Fellows of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions.
by Tyler Wilkins August 1, 2017

By Tyler Wilkins, an undergraduate political science student with a minor in civic leadership and a member of the Student Fellows Leadership Team.

by Maria Sipin July 10, 2017

The Student Fellows program launched last fall and has grown to more than 300 students. This network created by the Institute for Sustainable Solutions was designed to connect students to valuable and unique opportunities to support their success at PSU and in the sustainability field.

by Alix Danielsen July 6, 2017
As a Professional Science Master student in the Environmental Science and Management Department, I am exploring the different ways people engage with nature. This focus drew me to a local partnership of organizations working on a community event at a new Northeast Portland park—the Cully Critter Cruise. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions, through their Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative, supports this valuable community partnership and my participation in and research stemming from the event.