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What we study when we study sustainability: Fall term

As As we often say, sustainability at Portland State doesn’t live in just one department or thrive in just one school, it is embedded across the University in our curriculum, our operations, and our student activities. 

So where do you go if you want to take a class in sustainability? 

The Institute for Sustainable Solutions is working to answer that question.

In addition to administering the Graduate Certificate in Sustainability program, Beth Lloyd Pool, the ISS program director, analyzes class syllabi to identify sustainability courses. She has identified “sustainability-focused” courses, which cover all three aspects of sustainability—equity, economy, and environment—as well as “sustainability-related” courses, which cover two of the three. 

The full list of PSU’s sustainability courses is available on our website. If you are teaching a PSU class with sustainability content and would like to have it included in our listing, please send a copy of your syllabus to 

Sustainability-focused courses on offer this fall include:

Fundamentals of Environmental Design, ARCH 367U

Race and Sustainability, BST 450U

TOP: Permaculture and Whole Systems Design, ELP 410/510

LSE Comprehensive Exam, ELP 506

Advanced Leadership for Sustainability, ELP 550

Environmental Science I, ESM 101

Introduction to Environmental Systems, ESM 220

Environmental Sustainability, ESM 588

Geography of Latin America, GEOG 360U

Geography of Africa, GEOG 363U

Reading in Environmental History, HST 405B/505B

Introduction International Studies, INTL 201

Global Sustainable Development, INTL 490

Purchasing and Logistics within the Food Industry, ISQA 458/558S

Sustainable Operations Management, ISQA 511

Climate Change and Human Life, PH 375U

Global Health, PHE 444U

Concepts of Environmental Health, PHE 580

Environmental Political Theory, PS 399

Environmental Sustainability, UNST 224

CAP: Promote Sustainable Lifestyles, UNST 421

CAP: Grantwriting for Sustainability, UNST 421

CAP: Sustainable Food System and Education Farming, UNST 421 

Urban Planning: Environmental ISS, USP 313U

Cities and Third World Development, USP 445U / 545

Sustainable Cities and Regions, USP 569

Women, Environment and Activism, USP 569


There are also 49 courses that have been classified as sustainability-related available in fall term. They are: 

Business Strategy, BA 495

African Development Issues. BST 467U / 567

Chicano/Latino Communities, CHLA 301U

Problems in Intercultural Communication, COMM 415U /515

Economics of Environmental Issues, EC 332U,

Women in the Economy, EC 417U/517

Applied Environmental Studies: Policy Considerations, ESM 222

Atmospheric Physics, ESM 471/571

Environment and Society: Global Perspectives, GEOG 230

Climatology, GEOG 311U

Urban Geography, GEOG 332U,

Global Water Issues and Sustainability, GEOG 340U

United States and Canada, GEOG 368U

Intercultural Competence and Communications I, MIM 527

Intercultural Competence and Communications II, MIM 528

Civic Engagement: The Role of Governing Institutions, PA 412U

Global Leadership and Management, PA 514

Atmospheric Physics, PH 471/571

Environmental Health, PHE 443U

Health and Social Inequalities, PHE 522/622

Business Ethics, PHL 309U

Environmental Ethics, PHL 309U

Community Psychology, PSY 480

Globalization, SOC 320

Gender and Sexualities, SOC 344U

Social Movements, SOC 436U

Population and Society, SOC 441/541

Environmental Sociology, SOC 465

Social Work and Social Welfare Policy, SW 520

Social Justice in Social Work, SW 539

Medical Sociology, SOC 585/685

Systems Engineering Approach, SYSE 591

Race and Social Justice, UNST 101

Human/Nature, UNST 117

Design and Society, UNST 121

Sustainability, UNST 124

Leading Social Change, UNST 242

CAP: Volunteer Stream Monitor, UNST 421

CAP: Animal Aid Grantwriting, UNST 421 

CAP: Womens Prison Gardens, UNST 421

Introduction to Urban Planning, USP 311U

Urban Housing and Development, USP 312U

Population and Society, USP 419/519

Poverty Urban Community, USP 429

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning, USP 465/565

Community Economic Development, USP 551

Women, Activism, and Social Change, WS 307

Ecofeminist Spirituality, WS 377U

Women in the Economy, WS 417U/517