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VIDEO | Community Environmental Services showcases New Seasons work

In April, Portland’s New Seasons Market grocery chain announced that they had achieved an impressive goal: Diverting 92 percent of their waste from the landfill, qualifying as a zero-waste operation.

The news was presented as an inspiration for other businesses and provided a showcase for the expertise of Portland State University’s Community Environmental Services unit, which conducted the research to back up New Seasons claim.

Check out the story in video form: 

Community Environmental Services specializes in helping organization reduce their waste impacts and their deep experience—more than 20 years worth—can be seen in myriad examples from recent months:

  • In June, Community Environmental Services marked a decade of work with the Port of Portland, service that has ranged from recycling programs to public outreach and resulted in more than doubling the waste diversion rate a the Portland International Airport. 
  • Through his work with the Port of Portland, Community Environmental Services employee Nate Forst was credited for his contributions to a new Federal Aviation Administration guide to recycling, reuse, and waste reduction at airports. 
  • Community Environmental Services worked on a comprehensive waste audit with Bonneville Power Administration, which announced in July that the organization cut its trash volume by 30 percent since 2008. 

Stay tuned for more impact.