Student Spotlight: Elin Berglund

Written by the Student Sustainability Center’s Marketing and Social Media Task Force

Elin Berglund served as Beekeeping Coordinator at the SSC during 2017-18. We talked to Elin about some upcoming work and how she got involved with beekeeping. It’s easy to see where Elin gets her passion for bees. She says, “I signed up for an intro to beekeeping class and after the first night, I was hooked! I was most amazed by both the complexity and seeming simplicity of the hive. The bees were efficient, they didn't waste anything and collaboration and congruence within the hive was what really kept everything together. It was mesmerizing to observe something seemingly chaotic to the human eye, yet systematic and complex.”

She continues to enjoy the time she spends around bees. “When I have the chance, [I] sit next to the hive and just observe them flying in and out of the hive entrance, their legs packed with pollen of all shades. As they begin producing honey and are actively out working on a warm day, the strong humming from the hive accompanied by the intoxicating smell of fresh honey could put one in a complete meditative state!”

Elin has also put in a lot of hard work into the beekeeping task force. “I have absolutely loved working within the SSC. I began as a volunteer and was able to move up to a leadership position last fall when I took on the Beekeeping Coordinator role.” When asked about a key aspect of beekeeping, Elin said, “education, education, education is what it is all about. Breaking down those negative stereotypes and serving them as the crucial beings they truly are within our world.”

“For anyone that wants to get involved with the beekeeping task force, I would encourage you to apply to join through the SSC application process (which goes out each term). The task force welcomes new volunteers fall, winter and spring.”

Students can apply to participate in the Beekeeping Task Force or other programs through the Student Sustainability Center here! Volunteer applications are accepted for fall, winter, and spring terms.