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Pop-Up Swap promotes reuse in Market Center Building

The Portland State University ReUse Room, operated by the Campus Sustainability Office, hosted the first-ever Pop-Up Swap in the Market Center Building last week.

The event sought to bring the culture of reuse to the large office building by asking participants to collect unused office supplies, bring them to the lobby during lunch hours, and exchange them for needed supplies for free. The event was a huge success!

From the get-go, cartloads of items poured in from offices throughout the building, totaling over thirty boxes of reusable goods. Notebooks, files, tote bags, and all manner of old and new supplies were displayed in the lobby, where employees gathered to take goods, contribute donations, and chat with one another about reuse ideas. The items were snatched up with equal enthusiasm—more than half the donations were claimed by residents of MCB. By participating in this event, the building’s employees avoided not only the monetary cost of a variety of new supplies, but the environmental costs of production, transportation, and disposal as well. 

Due to the amazing enthusiasm for and participation in this event, the ReUse Room and Campus Sustainability Office are already plotting the next Pop-Up Swap, and considering how to further integrate reuse culture across campus. Thank you to everyone who joined in!

The remaining items were brought to the ReUse Room in Cramer Hall 180, where usable goods from across campus are always available for perusal. Keep up with future ReUse events at

Thea Kindschuh is the reuse coordinator for PSU’s Campus Sustainability Office.

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