Conservation conversation

Discussion, chitchat, small talk, dialogue, conversation. There are many ways to speak to each other, and on Wednesday, January 28, PSU’s EcoReps did just that with students during the Conservation Conversation event in Ondine. Offering tea, coffee, snacks, and energy-conscious raffle prizes, EcoReps spoke with students about ways to reduce their energy consumption. 

The event was held as part of the group’s effort to let students know about Portland State’s involvement in the Campus Conservation Nationals, a nationwide competition between universities that aims to reduce water and electricity use on campus. Campus Conservation Nationals will run from February 18 to March 11. During the competition, three residence halls will be monitored for electricity and water use—Ondine, Broadway, and Stephen Epler.

Students can track their building’s energy use by logging onto, where they can make commitments to use less energy by doing things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, using natural light during the day, or taking shorter showers. Students can then share their commitments on Facebook to help spread the word about the competition. Collectively, the student body can make a big difference in the amount of electricity and water that the campus uses.

Mariah Davis and the EcoRep Yeti at the Conservation Conversation in Ondine.


For more information about Campus Conservation Nationals and upcoming events, check out the EcoReps on

Emily Waters is a junior geography major and PSU EcoRep.

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