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Social Sustainability Faculty

Social aspects of sustainability include the processes that generate social health and wellbeing now and in the future, and those social institutions that facilitate environmental and economic sustainability now and for the future. (Jesse Dillard, Veronica Dujon, and Mary C. King, Understanding the Social Dimension of Sustainability)

Eileen Brennan

Professor Emerita, Social Work
Areas of interest: Work-life integration; children's mental health; social sustainability; social support; early childhood mental health; inclusive child care.

Carlos Crespo

Professor and Interim Dean, Urban and Public Affairs
Areas of interest: Connections between physical activity and the prevention of chronic diseases; health disparities among minorities.
Phone: (503) 725-5120

Barbara Dudley 

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Public Administration
Areas of interest: World Trade Organization; history and foundations of the nonprofit sector; advocacy and political participation; globalization of civil society.
Phone: (503) 725-3921

Stephanie Farquhar 

Associate Professor, Community Health 
Areas of interest: Social and environmental equity as it relates to health; Oregon environmental justice issues; farmworker health issues; racial disparities and indoor air quality. 
Phone: (503) 725-5167 

Kevin Kecskes 

Associate Professor, Public Administration
Areas of interest: Community-engaged research and teaching in higher education; collaborative governance and leadership development locally and globally.
Phone: (503) 725-8136 

Mary King 

Professor, Economics 
Areas of interest: Mexican migration to the U.S.; Mexican women in the U.S. economy; social aspect of sustainability; dynamics of ethnicity and gender in the labor market and economy; student debt policy.
Phone: (503) 725-3940

Amy Lubitow

Assistant Professor, Sociology
Areas of interest: Environmental sociology, sustainability, environmental justice, social movements, gender, environmental health 
Phone: (503) 725-3989 

Jana Meinhold

Assistant Professor, Social Work
Areas of interest: Lifespan development; family sustainability (interpersonal relationships, sibling relationships, family theory); environmental stewardship.
Phone: (503) 725 8562

Christina Nicolaidis

Professor, Social Work
Areas of interest: Social determinants of health; Community based participatory research; improving the health and healthcare of marginalized populations, including racial/ethnic minorities, violence survivors, and adults on the autism spectrum or people with other developmental disabilities; depression, PTSD, and chronic pain; primary healthcare services, mental health services, and chronic illness management.

Laurie Powers

Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Social Work
Areas of interest: Promotion of self-determination by individuals with diverse abilities, their families and communities; positive youth development and transition, interpersonal violence, person-directed services, peer-delivered services, mental health transformation.
Phone: (503) 725 9605

Craig Shinn 

Associate Professor, Public Administration 
Associate Director, Executive Leadership Institute 
Areas of interest: Environmental governance, collaboration, civic capacity, organization and institutions, social aspects of sustainability, and inter-jurisdictional administration of natural resources.
Phone: (503) 725-8220

Alma Trinidad

Assistant Professor, Social Work
Areas of interest: Sociopolitical development among youth and young adults; critical pedagogies of place and social justice work; indigenization of social movements; health and mental health promotion among marginalized populations; determinants/disparities of health and mental health; culturally responsive health interventions and services.
Phone: (503) 725 8510

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