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Social Determinants of Health

Connecting Place, Wellness and Equity

It’s the hidden side of sustainability—people’s quality of life. 

The conditions in which people are born, live, work, and age directly affect their health and access to opportunities, and are often responsible for the greatest inequities between populations.

For decades, PSU has partnered with community leaders to expose and reduce these inequities—whether it’s a lack of nutritious food in low-income neighborhoods, educational barriers facing people of color and those with disabilities, or the delivery of mental health services.

Building on our expertise in planning healthy communities—from green buildings to bike lanes—PSU also harnesses the power of engagement to model how residents can reshape their futures.

Our researchers are helping redefine “health care” to include urban planning, food systems, educational access, and community development. And PSU students go into the community to serve the aged, infirmed, and down-and-out populations of our city to help mobilized awareness around social equity issues.

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Book: Understanding the Social Dimensions of Sustainability
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