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Research to Action: Social Determinants of Health

On February 28, 2014, the Institute for Sustainable Solutions along with the Social Determinants of Health Initiative hosted a Research to Action Symposium focused on addressing the complex social structure and economic systems that are responsible for health inequities.

The symposium was structured around brief 5-minute information blast presentations. The speakers and links to their presentations are listed below, along with links to audio recordings of each section.


Jennifer Allen and Provost Sona Andrews: Welcome and Introduction  
Audio: R2A_Welcome.mp3 

Christina Nicolaidis, PSU Social Determinants of Health Initiative: Introduction and framing 
Audio: R2A_Intro.mp3 


Section 1

Amanuel Ziman, PSU Systems Science: Socioeconomic and racial/ethnic determinants of health: Investigating mediating variables in the SES-health link

Adolfo G. Cuevas, PSU Psychology: African Americans in Healthcare: Perceived Discrimination, Medical Mistrust, Poor Communication, and Race Discordance

Carlos J. Crespo, PSU Community Health: Enhancing Cross-disciplinary Infrastructure Training at Oregon

Dawn Richardson, PSU Community Health: Photo Mapping with Mexican American Youth in Portland

Ann Curry Stevens, PSU Social Work: How disparities research can influence policy

Ben Duncan, Multnomah County Health Department: Using an "Equity Lens" in public health practice

Angela Wilson Ursery: ‘Redevelopment’ as Blows to the Little Body

Audio Recording of Section 1: R2A_Section1.mp3 


Section 2

Karen Cellarius, PSU Regional Research Institute: Oregon Partnership for Health Integration (OPHI): Integrated Care and Wellness Program

Annika Eriksson, OHSU: Call for a trans-disciplinary research effort targeting the molecular mediators of schizophrenia risk factors in response to socioeconomic conditions 

Willi Horner-Johnson, OHSU: Disability-related disparities in health and access to healthcare

Christina Nicolaidis: PSU Social Determinants of Health Initiative: Partnering with Autistic adults to improve healthcare

Laurie Powers,  Lee Ann Phillips, Mary Kane, PSU Regional Research Institute: Youth taking charge of their lives

Mary Oschwald, PSU Regional Research Institute: Using Audio Computer Assisted Self Interviews (ACASIs) to Collect Sensitive Data

Miguel Figliozzi, PSU Engineering: Transportation, Air Quality, and Smartphones

Audio Recording of Section 2: R2A_Section2_Part1.mp3 R2A_Section2_Part2.mp3 


Section 3

Todd Ferry for B.D. Wortham-Galvin, PSU Center for Public Interest Design: Regeneration: Intergenerational Living 

Lynne Messer, PSU Community Health: Social networks of the recovering homeless-pathways to health and wellbeing

Felicia Arrington & Tim Orr, REACH Community Development: Community-Based Participatory Program Evaluation in Affordable Housing 

Haley Throckmorton, PSU Social Work: Access to Hygiene Resources: A Basic Human Right and the Foundation of Personal and Public Health

Evan Thomas, PSU Engineering/SWEETLab: Using Feedback Loops in Global Health 

E. Roberto Orellana, PSU Social Work: Structural and individual factors related to drug use and HIV vulnerability among vulnerable populations in the U.S. and Latin America

Kathleen Burns, Oregon Health Authority: Statewide Behavioral Health Promotion and Prevention 

Audio Recording of Section 3R2A_Section3.mp3

Section 4

Jana Meinhold & Ryan Bender, PSU Social Work: Community Partnership to Promote Health in Cornelius

Anna Jimenez, Wallace Medical Concern: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health in Rockwood through a small Community Health Center

Noelle Wiggins & Pei-ru Wang, Multnomah County Health Department: The Oregon Community Health Worker Research and Education Consortium

Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate, PSU Black Studies: Corn, Tortillas and Social Justice

Bobby Cochran, Willamette Partnership: Linking Health and Conservation

Alma Trinidad, PSU Social Work: People of Color in the Non Profit World: Working Conditions and Health Implications

Tia Henderson: Upstream Public Health: Chronically Absent Students: Health and Education

Audio Recording of Section 4R2A_Section4.mp3


Veronica Dujon, Laurie Powers, and Noelle Wiggins

Audio Recording of ConclusionR2A_Closing.mp3