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Research to Action: Ecosystem Services

On October 25, 2013, the Institute for Sustainable Solutions hosted a Research to Action Symposium on ecosystem services. This event featured brief presentations by researchers from across PSU, as well as regional practitioners engaged in ecosystem services implementation and research. The speakers and their presentations are listed below, and where available, a link is provided to the research presentation.

Read more about the event here.

Max Nielsen-Pincus, PSU environmental science professor: The Eugene Water and Electric Board’s McKenzie River payment for watershed services program: A discussion of research findings on ratepayers, landowners, and local businesses

Hannah Gosnell, OSU geoscience professor: Mixed-methods collaborative research on the potential for “payment for ecosystem services” schemes to enhance the prosperity of family forest and ranch owners in the Interior Northwest

Drew Bennett, OSU doctoral geography student: Integrating scholarship and practice through the Ecosystem Services Learning Action Network (ESLAN)

Heejun Chang, PSU geography professor: Engaging stakeholders in ecosystem service assessment under climate change and urban development scenarios

Diane T. Besser, PSU graduate research assistant at the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies: Assessing Cultural Ecosystem Services using GIS-Based Landscape Values Mapping

Albert R. Spencer, PSU philosophy instructor: Using Appalachian folk music to assess coal terminals on the Columbia

Robert Scheller, PSU environmental science professor: Complexity, resilience, and the potential effects of climate change on forest ecosystem services

Jennifer Morse, PSU environmental science professor: Quantifying multiple ecosystem services and their underlying ecosystem functions in North Carolina's largest wetlands mitigation bank

Angela Strecker, PSU environmental science professor: Effects of water development on arid land freshwater ecosystems

Elise Granek, PSU environmental science professor: Ecosystem services provided by non-native mangroves in Hawaii: examining socio-ecological tradeoffs between management and eradication; Emerging contaminants in Oregon coastal waters: Landscape drivers and synergistic effects on native oysters

Zbigniew Grabowski, PSU doctoral environmental science student: Putting salmon back in Salmon Creek: systematizing comparative water quality analysis

David Diaz, forestry program manager at Ecotrust: A "Big Data" approach to decision support for forest ecosystem services

Sean Gordon, PSU research assistant professor at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions: Multicriteria assessment in the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project

Jodi Schoenen, PSU doctoral environmental science student: Landscape legacy and system resiliency in the Rogue River Basin

Carrie Leonard, director of science & analytics at the Freshwater Trust: Quantified Conservation

Dave Ervin, PSU economics and environmental management professor: Principles for assessment of ecosystem service values

Wayne Wakeland, PSU systems science professor: Thresholds for sustainability of an ecological economic system and sustainability of an ecological economic system.

Todd Rosenstiel, director of the PSU Center for Life in Extreme Environments: Clearing the brown haze over bioenergy crop development

Harbans Lal, environmental engineer at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: Markets for valuing intangible ecosystem services and environment sustainability

Erin Shortlidge, PSU doctoral biology student: Moss: a small but mighty tool for education and research in urban ecosystems

Hannah M. Prather, PSU graduate biology student: Urbanization impacts on Pacific Northwest tree canopies: the unexplored link between canopy epiphytes and ecosystem services

Nasim Shojaei, PSU graduate research assistant in civil engineering: Automatic calibration of water quality models for reservoirs and lakes


Other resources

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Cascadia Ecosystem Services Partnership Valuations Principles

Reading on ecological economic thresholds: Uehara, T. (2013). "Ecological threshold and ecological economic threshold: Implications from an ecological economic model with adaptation," Ecological Economics, Sept. 2013, Vol. 93, p. 374-384.


Research to Action, an initiative of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, is a platform for identifying and linking PSU's diverse research expertise to the collaborative development of sustainable practices.