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Meet Professor Jeff Gerwing
Meet Professor Jeff Gerwing

Dr. Gerwing's research focuses on using ecological monitoring and adaptive management approaches to improve the effectiveness of forest ecosystem restoration projects. For the past 10 years, he has collaborated on the design and implementation of forest restoration projects as a member of the Clackamas Stewardship Partners (CSP), a collaborative group of environmental organizations, government personnel, citizens, and timber industry representatives focused on developing ecosystem restoration projects for the Mt. Hood National Forest. Since 2006, CSP has worked with the US Forest Service to develop restoration projects for over 7800 acres of plantation forest in the Clackamas River Basin. Students working in Dr. Gerwing’s lab have worked on projects such as mapping tree spatial patterns in stands treated with variable density thinning on Mt. Hood National forest and evaluating the effectiveness of forest thinning on increasing huckleberry production.


Dr. Gerwing is also interested in developing and adapting community-based efforts to collect data on observations of biodiversity (e.g., plants, lepidoptera, spiders, bees, & birds) in community gardens and public green spaces with the goals of fostering public environmental literacy/awareness and building engagement with neighborhood green spaces. This research area grew out of his involvement with PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solution’s (ISS) Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative work with community partners in the Cully neighborhood of NE Portland.  In spring of 2015, 32 students in Dr Gerwing’s Freshman Inquiry course helped support the Cully Critter Cruise, a community-based celebration of biodiversity in the Cully Neighborhood.  Then, in spring of 2017, over 100, 5th & 6th grade students came to a neighborhood park to learn about its environmental features and observe its biodiversity.