Portland Climate Action Collaborative


Collaborating on meaningful action to address climate change 

The Portland Climate Action Collaborative is a partnership between the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions and the City of Portland to advance goals outlined in the Portland and Multnomah County Climate Action Plan. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions creates and supports collaborative research projects and internships that lead to relevant sustainability outcomes for the city and region. The collaborative started with support from the Bullitt Foundation in 2013. 

Through co-creating projects and identifying outcomes and deliverables for researchers and practitioners, the climate collaborative focuses on: 

  • Projects that help achieve goals or inform decision-making regarding the Portland and Multnomah County Climate Action Plan while providing meaningful research and educational opportunities for PSU faculty and students.
  • Interdisciplinary work that allows us to consider multiple aspects of climate change scenarios, mitigation, and response.

The Portland Climate Action Collaborative also supports the work of the Sustainability Research Network (SRN), which is a nation-wide project of the National Science Foundation to tackle challenges in urban sustainability. Due to shared program goals and similar approaches in bringing together practitioners and researchers, several projects are supported by both the SRN and the Portland Climate Action Collaborative. Involvement with the SRN means that the work of the Portland Climate Action Collaborative has the potential for positive impact in both Portland and in cities across the country. 


Beth Gilden | Research program coordinator for the Institute for Sustainable Solutions | bgilden@pdx.edu.