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Healthier vending is on the way!

I'm so so SO excited to be sharing some information about a project I've been part of over the past few months. The Healthy Campus Initiative has been working to bring a healthier vending machine pilot to campus. The machines are due to arrive on January 25th. They will provide students, faculty and community members with more vegan, gluten-free, organic, and local snack options.

The machines will be installed in the following locations:

  • The Rec Center
  • 1st floor in the School of Business
  • 1st floor of Ondine
  • 3rd floor of Neuberger by the math tutoring area 

The five month pilot will start in February, and Auxillaries will be collecting data about usage. I guess that means I'm going to be eating a lot of Larabars this spring! We need to continue improving our campus food system. This is a huge step in the right direction!  

Click here to read an opinion piece about this new installation in the Vanguard.

Who knows, maybe someday we can even have a Goodie Monster. My new friend Mark Jacobs at Jelly Helm Studio worked with a designer to create this awesome installation at his building downtown. Nom nom...

If you want to follow the Monster's life story, check out this facebook page.

Here's to happy snacking in 2012.

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