KGW: Trolley brings fresh food to neighborhoods in need
Author: Joe Smith, KGW Business Reporter
Posted: June 3, 2014

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PORTLAND- If you can't make it to the grocery store, now the grocery store will come to your neighborhood.

It's called My Street Grocery. It's a way to bring healthy foods to underserved areas of the city.

My Street Grocery started a couple of years ago by students at Portland State University's MBA program. It's a pop up grocery store with a mission.

Founder Amelia Pape has now expanded her idea and partnered with Whole Foods Markets to cover more neighborhoods.

The mission is to provide healthy affordable priced foods for residents of neighborhoods where cost, transportation, language and other life circumstances create barriers to accessing good food.

Legacy Health Group is also involved. They provide low-income clients with vouchers to buy better, higher quality groceries.

The store on wheels is a converted trolley. It was found at a zoo in Texas. The inside has been turned into a grocery aisle complete with a produce section.

"Whole Foods is a company that shares the mission," said Amelia Pape. "We just chatted and they were like, 'We absolutely love this, we want to help you. But, you have to tell us how this will happen.'"

Molly the Trolley will be on the road four days a week in various neighborhoods.

To keep prices down, the mobile grocery store features Whole Foods 365 house brand.

MyStreetGrocery is open to the public and accepts cash, credit/debit and SNAP/EBT.