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Markets and Payments Projects

Medford Water Quality Trading program

The City of Medford is addressing water temperature regulations by working with landowners to conduct streamside restoration activities rather than constructing cooling towers or other engineered options.

Incentives Trifecta

The Incentives Trifecta project integrates three separate conservation incentives in order to streamline these systems and provide greater benefits to landowners for their conservation efforts. 

Willamette Basin Ecosystem Services Project

This project will involve a pilot ecosystem services market in the Willamette Basin in order to test potential funding sources for these markets and to ensure that outcomes from these projects can be measured. 

Forest Watershed Services Transaction

Two pilot watersheds, Snohomish Watershed and Nisqually Watershed, are participating in a two-year Watershed Services Transaction Demonstration Project to explore watershed ecosystem services as a potential source of revenue for landowners. 

Snohomish Ecosystem Services Pilot Project

This project will help build the foundation for a pilot ecosystem services transaction addressing stream flow stabilization in the Snohomish River watershed.

Eugene Water and Electric Board's Voluntary Incentives Program

The Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) is developing a payments for ecosystem services (PES) program to maintain and improve water quality within the McKenzie River Watershed, Eugene’s sole source of drinking water. UPDATE: An Evaluation of Corporate Perceptions of a Payment for Ecosystem Services Program in the McKenzie River Basin, 2013.

Enhancing Water and Agriculture in WRIA 1 Through a Watershed-Ag Mitigation Pilot Project

The Enhancing Water and Agriculture in WRIA 1 Through a Watershed-Ag Mitigation Pilot Project includes funding over a two and a half year period to develop policy recommendations that enhance both agricultural land and watershed health, and test these through a pilot project.