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Green Campus Tour: Stott Community Field

It may look like an ordinary turf field, but the Stott Community Field is made of 20,000 recycled tires, which helps  conserve natural resources and reduce Portland State’s carbon footprint. This turf removes tires from the landfill,  conserves water resources, eliminates the use of  chemical fertilizers, and reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating  fuel-powered mowing, aerating, and re-seeding. Additionally, the turf is 100 percent recyclable, which means that once it reaches the end of its long life, the materials can be turned into new turf, as well as other products.

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16. South Park Blocks
17. PSU ReUse Room
18. Lincoln Hall
19. Broadway Cycle Track 
20. Geothermal & District Energy Loop 
21. Fourth Avenue Parklet
22. Supply Studio