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Gifts and Support

If you're interested in supporting Portland State University's Institute for Sustainable Solutions, please read on to learn more about our work—and how you can make a secure tax-deductible contribution online.

Our Work

The Institute for Sustainable Solutions is a hub for integrating and accelerating sustainability research, education, and practice across campus and in the community. Specifically, the Institute is dedicated to the following endeavors:


At Portland State, sustainability is not part of any one department—it is infused across all departments, schools, and colleges within the University. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions connects this diverse array of partners to create a package of learning opportunities that prepares students to bring their knowledge of sustainability into their lives and careers when they graduate. This approach weaves together general education programs, learning outside the classroom, research experience, internships, study abroad, and career assistance. Support sustainability in the student experience here.


In the coming decades, PSU has the opportunity to take its place as the nation’s premier urban serving university. To help us get there, the Institute for Sustainable Solutions guides and makes catalytic investments in three major research initiatives; Ecosystem Services (Understanding Nature’s Benefits); Social Determinants of Health (connecting wellness, place and equity); and Urban Sustainability (building smart cities). These initiatives encourage collaboration across disciplines to develop unique solutions for today's problems. Support sustainability related research here.

Community Engagement

PSU is closely linked with major institutions, businesses, and governments within our community and throughout the region. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions engages community organizations by identifying mutually beneficial goals and connecting PSU’s assets and expertise to reach those goals. Our community partnerships are essential for helping us train our students to solve complex, real-world problems. Support sustainability in community partnerships here.

Online Giving

To donate to the Institute for Sustainable Solutions:

  1. Visit our online giving webpage.
  2. Choose the sustainability related program you want to support.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to donate.
  4. Create your own gift record.
  5. Provide your credit card information via the secure website.

Additional Information

If you would like more information about our work or how to support our mission, please contact Sara Case, Director of Development, 503-725-2678,