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Food Systems Faculty

Jennifer Allen

Associate Professor, Public Administration
Areas of interest: Rural-urban connections; economic development strategies related to regional food systems; role of certifications in growing markets.
Food systems related classes: PA 510 Agricultural and Food Policy; PA 533 Sustainable Development Policy & Governance
Phone: (503) 725 8546

Barbara Brower

Professor, Geography
Areas of interest
Livestock/landuse; Himalaya; agroecosystems; cuisine and identity.
Food systems related classes: GEOG 410/510 Oregon Farmscapes; GEOG 443/543 Geography of Food; GEOG 464/564 Provence: Food, Landscape, and Identity in Mediterranean France
Phone: (503) 725-8044

Heather Burns

Assistant Professor, Leadership for Sustainability Education
Areas of interest: Sustainability pedagogy in higher education; sustainable food systems; the roles of community-based learning and service-learning in creating sustainable change.
Food systems related classes: ELP 501 Theory and Practice of Sustainability; ELP 550 Advanced Leadership for Sustainability
Phone: (503) 725-8252

Kimberlee Chambers

Adjunct Faculty, Geography
Areas of interest: Agriculture origins and dispersals; Indigenous Peoples’ traditional ecological knowledge; traditional land and resource management; local food systems; sustainable development; ecological restoration; conservation of biological and cultural diversity. 
Food systems related classes: Cultural and Political Ecology, Cultural Geography, Indigenous Peoples and Natural Resource Management, World Population and Food Supply. 

Jack Corbett

Associate Professor, Public Administration
Areas of interest: Community-level resource management (including food systems) domestically and internationally.
Food systems related classes: Intensive field-course in Mexico
Phone: (503) 725-8226

Michele Gamburd

Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Areas of interest: Cultural Anthropology; transnationalism; globalization; migration; alcohol consumption; identity; disaster recovery; violence; gender; aging; social constructionism; discourse analysis; political economy; South Asia; Sri Lanka.
Food systems related courses: Anth 333 Anthropology of Food
Phone: (503) 725-3317

Tom Gilpatrick

Juan Young Professor of Marketing and Food Management
Executive Director of the Food Industry Leadership Center
Areas of interest: Food marketing and distribution; marketing strategy and international marketing; developing a new generation of leaders in the food industry through education and private/public collaboration.
Food systems related classes: Marketing 435/535 Food Marketing
Phone: (503) 725-3775

Betty Izumi

Assistant Professor, Community Health
Areas of interest: Public health and nutrition.
Food systems related classes: Food Systems Sustainability
Phone: (503) 725-5102

Daniel Jaffee

Assistant Professor, Sociology
Areas of interest: Fair trade; food certification; globalization and agri-food systems; alternative agri-food movements; food sovereignty; water commodification; political economy; Latin America.
Food systems related classes: Soc 320 Globalization (partial focus on food); Soc 465 Environmental Sociology (partial focus); Soc 598/698 Globalization and Inequality (partial focus); Soc 510/610 Food, Justice, and Social Movements (to be taught Winter 2017)
Phone: (503) 725-3919

Sybil Kelley

Assistant Professor, Leadership for Sustainability Education
Areas of interest: Improving systems for educational equity and social justice; science literacy for all.
Food systems related classes: ELP 510 Urban Farm Education; ELP 548: Global Political Ecology
Phone: (503) 725-5976  

Charles Klein

Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Areas of interest: Food and nutritional security in Brazil and North America; urban anthropology; applied medical anthropology 
Food systems related classes: ANTH 333 - Anthropology of Food; ANTH 425/525- Medical Anthropology (partial focus); ANTH 416/516 - Urban Anthropology (partial focus)
Phone: (503) 725-3316

Nathan McClintock

Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
Areas of interest: Origins of contemporary urban agriculture movements; obstacles to food access; the possibilities of scaling up food production in the city.
Food systems related classes: UNST 421 Senior Capstone: Urban Agriculture & Food Systems
Phone: (503) 725-4064

Catherine McNeur

Assistant Professor, History
Areas of interest: Urban environmental history; urban agriculture; nineteenth-century food in the United States.
Food Systems related courses: HST 399 Food and Power in American History

Lynne Messer

Assistant Professor, Community Health
Areas of interest: Epidemiology; health & social inequality; women’s health.
: (503) 725-5182

Mellie Pullman

Willamette Industries Professor of Supply Chain Management
Areas of interest: Sustainable food supply chain.
Food systems related classes: Food Supply Chain; Craft Brewery Business Program 
Phone: (503) 725-4768

Vivek Shandas

Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
Areas of interest: Ecosystem services for urbanizing regions; modeling land use and water consumption; engaging communities in the stewardship of natural resources; spatially-explicit tools for neighborhood sustainability; implications of urban planning policies on human health.
Food systems related classes: USP 313 Urban Planning: Environmental Issues (food is one topic)
Phone: (503) 725-5222

Lisa Weasel

Associate Professor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Areas of interest: Food justice; participatory research methodologies; gender and food systems; transnational perspectives on food and agriculture; dietary epigenetics and developmental origins of health and disease.
Food systems related classes: Genes & Society; Food, Ethics & Sustainability; Food, Democracy and Sustainability
Phone:  (503) 725-3862

Dilafruz Williams

Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy
Areas of interest:  Garden-based learning; service-learning/civic engagement; urban education policy.
Phone: (503) 725-4676 
Email: williamsdi@pdx.ed

Eric Wynkoop

Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology
Areas of interest: Foodways; health and wellness; transnationalism in South Asia and East Asia.
Food systems related classes: Anthropology of Food; Introduction to Socio-cultural Anthropology