Food & Dining Services

The production of food—including intensive farming, processing, transport, preparation, and the generation of waste—has major impacts on our environment through associated greenhouse gas emissions, water and land use, and pollution. Animal products generally have a much higher environmental impact than plant-based foods. 

PSU's food service provider, Chartwells, known on campus as PSU Eats, is working on many sustainability initiatives:

  • Reducing wasted food through a program that tracks food waste from the kitchen as well as from the customer, helping diagnose issues and raise employee awareness around food preparation and serving sizes.
  • Donating produce and grab-and-go items to the PSU Food Pantry, and donating unserved catering food to a local shelter, Blanchet House.
  • Increasing vegan food options, including experimenting with a 100 percent vegan menu at PDX Local, a rotating culinary station in Smith’s Kitchen, where students can vote for the menu they want see. Keep an eye on PSU Eats Facebook page for menus and details on how to vote.
  • Building a partnership with Imperfect Produce, a company dedicated to supporting local farmers and reducing food waste by rescuing fruits and vegetables that are often wasted due to irregular size, shape, and color, and delivering them to your home. 
  • Building a partnership with the Graduate School of Education’s Learning Gardens Lab to incorporate produce grown at the garden in food prepared in PSU dining facilities.
  • Smith Student Union features local Portland favorites such as Bowery Bagels, Cha Cha Cha, Roman Candle Baking Co., and Salt and Straw, as well as vegan, local, and sustainable food options.