energy iconConservation and efficiency upgrades are both vital means of reducing the environmental impacts associated with campus energy use.

What PSU is doing

solar array

  • Efficiency upgrades to boilers help reduce natural gas consumption.

  • Living Lab projects to identify options for meeting climate action goals related to energy sourcing.

  • Beginning in 2021, almost a quarter of campus electricity will be sourced from Oregon-based solar through PGE Green Future Impact.

  • Lights off reminder stickers installed on switches in all campus housing buildings.

  • Parking garage lighting upgrades to LED fixtures.

  • Default Power management settings enabled on campus computers and monitors.

Solar photo voltaic (PV) arrays on campus



Millar Library

90 kW, largest solar installation on campus

Lincoln Hall

54 kW, produces approximately 3% of building electricity demand


4.9 kW, used for research on interaction of green roofs & solar

Cramer Hall

5 kW, used for research on panel types


4.4 kW, provides electricity for rec center