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Ecosystem Services Faculty

Jennifer Allen 

Associate Professor, Public Administration
Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Areas of interest: Environmental and natural resource policy and administration; toxic chemicals policy; forest management; sustainable economic development; rural-urban market connections.
Phone: (503) 725-8546

Heejun Chang 

Professor and Department Chair, Geography
Areas of interest: Hydrology; special analysis; interactions among climate change, land use change, and water management.
Phone: (503) 725-3162

Dave Ervin 

Professor, Economics and Environmental Management 
Areas of interest: Agricultural biotechnology and environmental management; business sustainability; environmental policy reform; international trade and environmental management.

Elise Granek 

Associate Professor, Environmental Science
Areas of interest: Marine ecology and biodiversity; conservation biology; effects of human disturbances on natural systems.
Phone: (503) 725-4241

Max Nielsen-Pincus 

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science
Areas of interest: Environmental legislation and policy; land use and cover change; community-based natural resource management; watershed restoration; wildfire management; sense of place; landowner psychology; agent-based modeling.
Phone:  (503)725-2827

Todd Rosenstiel 

Assistant Professor, Biology
Director, Center for Life in Extreme Environments
Areas of interest: Physiological adaptation and evolution; Plant mating systems; Origins of early life; evolution of viruses.
Phone: (503) 725-4238

Rob Scheller 

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences and Management
Director, Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscapes Lab 
Areas of interest: Forest landscape change; forest management and resiliency to natural disturbances; climate change and forests.
Phone: (503) 725 2497

Vivek Shandas 

Associate Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
Areas if interest: Examining feedbacks between environmental change and human behavior; developing community-based indicators for measuring the social and environmental conditions; and characterizing the relationship between urban development patterns and environmental quality.
Phone: (503) 725-5222

Craig Shinn 

Associate Professor, Public Administration
Associate Director, Executive Leadership Institute 
Areas of interest: Environmental governance and collaboration; inter-jurisdictional administration of natural resources; social aspects of sustainability.
Phone: (503) 725-8220 

Angela Strecker 

Assistant Professor, Environmental Science and Management
Areas of interest: Invasive species; climate change; special ecology; freshwater conservation.
Phone: (503) 725-2427