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Conservation Alternatives

Klamath Basin Water Quality Improvement Tracking and Accounting Program

The Klamath Basin Water Quality Improvement Tracking and Accounting Program (KTAP) is intended to provide a framework for identifying water quality improvement opportunities, connect benefits of restoration activities to regulatory requirements, and offer measurement tools for evaluating project results. 

Eastern Oregon Rangeland Ecosystem Function Project

The Eastern Oregon Rangeland Ecosystem Function Project provides resources and tools to estimate and monitor the effects of restoration practices on the ecological function of rangeland systems. 

Building a Watershed-Based Approach to Wetland and Stream Mitigation in Oregon

This project intends to define a new approach to mitigation that incentivizes site selection, crediting, and performance standards that help restore whole watersheds. It also seeks to develop consistent approaches for addressing water issues in both streams and wetlands. 

Oregon Ecosystem Services Legislation

In 2009, the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 513 to define the concept of ecosystem services and establish a policy to protect ecosystem services across all land uses. Follow-up legislation will be introduced in the 2013 session. 

Habitat and Biodiversity Metrics Across Jurisdictions and Scales 

Defenders of Wildlife led this effort to develop metrics for measuring oak, floodplain, and sage habitat, providing consistent methodologies for use in market-based programs or payments for biodiversity outcomes. 

Marketplace for Nature Portal on the Conservation Registry 

The Marketplace for Nature Portal on the Conservation Registry highlights ecosystem service projects that are market-based, provide payments for services, value or monetize ecosystem services, or that use ecosystem services as a planning framework. 

Ecosystem Services as a Framework for Forest Stewardship: Deschutes National Forest Case Study

The Deschutes National Forest has been working since 2009 to apply an ecosystem services framework to forest management.  

Willamette National Forest: All-lands Approach to Management of the South Santiam Watershed

Government staff, watershed council representatives, and private land managers are engaging in a collaborative watershed management approach for the South Santiam watershed in the Willamette National Forest, informed by an ecosystem services assessment. 

Waterfront Stormwater Solutions

The Waterfront Stormwater Solutions project will develop and inspire new design approaches to waterfronts that address stormwater issues while also incorporating a variety of unique amenities that support wildlife and serve the public. 

Conservation Innovation Grant: Monitoring Environmental Benefits for Aggregated Small Forest Landowners

Potential incentives for small forest landowners (SFLOs) to improve forest practices include Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, carbon offset markets, and other emerging environmental service markets. These incentives could help reduce conversion of forest to non-forest use. However, the lack of cost-effective yet rigorous monitoring and verification at the small scale is a barrier to SFLOs accessing these incentives. 

Northwest Biocarbon Initiative

Climate Solutions’ Northwest Biocarbon Initiative (NBI) is focused on demonstrating the essential role that natural systems play in reducing atmospheric CO2 to levels to ensure long-term climate stability.