Clean Air for Portland


The Institute for Sustainable Solutions recognizes that clean air is critical for the health of our local communities. 

Prompted by public concerns in spring 2016 about toxic air pollution in the Portland metro area, the Institute launched a research partnership with the City of Portland and Multnomah County to conduct an in-depth look at heavy metal air pollution in Portland neighborhoods. Learn about the research project here.

The Institute formed an additional partnership with Neighbors for Clean Air and Lewis & Clark Law School’s Northwest Environmental Defense Center in fall 2016 with funding from Meyer Memorial Trust. Called BREATHE Oregon, the partnership will provide clear scientific data, legal analysis, and community outreach to residents and policymakers have the information they need to make decisions that improve air quality in Portland and throughout Oregon.

ISS has worked with BREATHE Oregon collaborators to host two public forums on clean air that can be accessed online: 

In August, 2018, a session focused on policy research

In March, 2018, a session focused on diesel pollution