Campus Sustainability Tour

At Portland State, we strive to have everything we build teach us, and everything we learn help us create a better world. Our 50-acre urban campus is a vibrant, living laboratory for practicing sustainability—our goal is to continue innovating and be a model of sustainability not only for a university campus, but also for the surrounding neighborhood, city, region, and even the globe.

PSU lies at the south end of downtown Portland, where campus buildings are seamlessly integrated with businesses, apartment buildings, public parks, bike lanes, and food carts. 

Come explore many of the innovative, sustainable features of our campus.    Begin the online tour »   

Would you like to take a guided sustainability tour of Portland State’s campus? We'd love to show you around! Schedule a guided campus sustainability tour here or download a self-guided tour map here.

For an accessible version of the online tour, begin the tour here or click through the links below to visit a specific location.

14. South Park Blocks
15. PSU ReUse Room
16. Lincoln Hall
17. Broadway Cycle Track
18. Geothermal & District Energy Loop