Campus Sustainability Office Staff


Jenny McNamara

Campus Sustainability Director

Jenny has a long background in campus sustainability planning. Before joining PSU, Jenny served for nearly 5 years as the Sustainability Manager at the University of North Carolina Greensboro where she facilitated broad-spectrum programming and cross campus collaboration. Prior to that, she worked at North Carolina State University where she helped conduct and write the first sustainability assessment for that university. Jenny has also served as an independent environmental consultant in both technical and educational capacities. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and is honored to be a part of the vibrant and renowned sustainability community at Portland State University.

Amanda Wolf

Program + Assessment Coordinator | 503-725-8945

Amanda coordinates projects, benchmarks PSU’s sustainability performances, and works on standards and policies that help improve sustainable operations on campus. She holds a BS in Social Science, a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and is pursuing Masters in Leadership for Sustainability Education from PSU. Prior to working in the Campus Sustainability Office, Amanda worked in the Campus Planning Office and with College Housing Northwest, having over 10 years of experience working with the PSU community. Born and raised in the Northwest, Amanda enjoys being outside, finding every opportunity to slip away from the city and connect with nature. Amanda believes that the key to sustainability is to eradicate the root causes of injustices, and the best way to accomplish this is through community-driven solutions, collaboration, and building resilient communities. 

Brandon Lesowske

Waste Management Coordinator | 503-725-8949

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is more than just a catch phrase to Brandon. As a lifelong Oregonian, he believes that these 3 actions can help preserve the beauty and bounty this great state has to offer. Prior to his role as the Waste Management Coordinator at PSU, Brandon worked at Oregon Health and Science University for over 5 years, where he oversaw their waste reduction and recycling operations. Additionally, he is engaged in the local sustainability community, where he has enjoyed volunteering his time and services with the Cascadia Green Building Council, International Living Future Institute, and SOLVE. He was awarded his BS in Community Development from Portland State University. He also completed the Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program from the University of Oregon. In his free time, Brandon appreciates visiting the splendors of the surrounding environment with his family. You can often find him lounging along the beaches of the Pacific, hiking trails in the Cascades, or camping in our lush forests.

 Emily Quinton

Education + Outreach Coordinator | 503-725-8951

Emily coordinates education and outreach efforts aimed at connecting students, faculty, and staff to the University’s sustainability programs, policies, and initiatives. A current graduate student, Emily collaborated with Campus Sustainability and other departments on her masters project examining renewable energy procurement options for the University. Emily is currently pursuing a Professional Science Masters in Environmental Science and Management as well as a Graduate Certificate in Energy Policy and Management. Prior to moving to Portland, she worked for three years at Strategic Energy Innovations, an environmental nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area. Before that, she taught high school science in New York and her home state of Maine. Emily earned a BS in Environmental Science at Trinity College in Connecticut. Emily believes it is important to examine the interconnections of sustainability challenges.

Thea Kindschuh

Assistant Planner for Climate Resilience

Thea is a coordinator and systems-planner for climate and community resilience in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Always learning from those around her, Thea works to link community-sourced expertise with institutions that have the ability to support it. Currently, Thea works with staff, faculty, students, researchers, and community members to integrate resilience and adaptation into PSU's Climate Action Plan update. Thea started with PSU during a high school internship with the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, worked for the Campus Sustainability Office as the Reuse Coordinator from 2013-2015, and after studying at Seattle and Uppsala Universities completed her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies at PSU. She returned in 2016 as the Project Coordinator for Second Nature’s Climate Resilient Urban Campuses and Communities (CRUX) Fellowship, and is currently pursuing her Masters of Urban and Regional Planning

Kelsey Hill

Reuse Coordinator | 503-725-4300

Kelsey is a graduate student currently studying Public Policy, Administration, and Sustainable Development at Portland State University. Supplementing these studies is his work as Reuse Coordinator with the Campus Sustainability Office and Sustainability Intern with the campus food service, PSU Eats. Through this career and education, Kelsey has worked to make service a habit. Prior to his graduate education, Kelsey served two years as an AmeriCorps volunteer, providing direct care and educational and vocational support to individuals with developmental disabilities, and post-service educational and career development opportunities to veterans. Kelsey received his undergraduate degree at University of Maryland in Cultural Anthropology and Sustainability, and has also worked in the areas of green consumerism, addiction and homelessness rehabilitation, and materials management. Kelsey’s free time is filled with either documentaries, books, or long, meandering hikes.  

 Alesha Delaney

Communications + Marketing Specialist | 503-725-4300

Alesha is the communications and marketing specialist in the campus sustainability office at Portland State. She focuses on supporting programs, activities, and events that advance sustainable behaviors on campus, and is currently working on her Environmental Science and Management undergraduate degree at PSU. After growing up in a small town in the foothills of the northern coast ranges, she is very passionate about fostering human connections to nature and education about environmental issues.

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