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Research and Education Projects

Spatial Ecosystem Services Analysis, Modeling, and Evaluation (SESAME)

The Spatial Ecosystem Services Analysis, Modeling, and Evaluation (SESAME) project will improve techniques for estimating the presence and value of ecosystem services in order to better inform targeting of land conservation efforts.

Boise River Basin Ecosystem Services Project

This project will identify and measure the ecosystem services associated with the Boise River Basin (BRB) in Idaho, and develop a collection of literature related to the BRB’s ecosystem services.

Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions IGERT

The Ecosystem Services for Urbanizing Regions (ESUR) is an Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) award from the National Science Foundation and a program of PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions. It is the first IGERT to focus on ecosystem service issues related to rapidly urbanizing areas.

Portland-Vancouver Urban Long-Term Research Area Exploratory (PV ULTRA-Ex)

The Portland-Vancouver Urban Long-Term Research Area project is designed to better understand how differences in local and state levels of governance and policy affect the resilience of both social and ecological landscapes.

Regional Open Space Strategy

The Regional Open Space Strategy is an effort to connect the many activities underway to conserve and enhance open spaces that contribute to the ecological, economic, social, health, recreational, and aesthetic vitality of the Central Puget Sound.

Puyallup River Watershed Management and Restoration Initiative

Stormwater and other sources of nonpoint runoff are a threat to Puget Sound water quality, transporting large quantities of nutrients, pathogens, and toxic chemicals into the Sound and its tributaries. This project aims to use improve the ability of cities, counties, and other jurisdictions to effectively participate in the cleanup and ongoing management of Puget Sound through the use of low-impact development (LID).

Utilities and Corporations as Ecosystem Services Buyers: Innovative Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Farms and Rural Communities

This project will investigate and compare how corporations and public utilities can provide funding and incentives to help make payments for ecosystem services (PES) a viable additional source of revenue and employment to support the long-term sustainability of small and medium sized farms in rural communities.