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Completed Project Reports

Spanning a variety of topics and geographic areas within the Cascadia region, the following reports provide context for developing and conducting ecosystem services projects.

Research and Education 

    • Snohomish Basin 2060 Scenarios
      Urban Ecology Research Laboratory, University of Washington
      March 2013
      The Snohomish Basin 2060 Scenarios project produced and evaluated four alternative future scenarios of conditions in the Basin in order to support critical decisions for maintaining ecosystem functions in the long term. Read full report (pdf)
    • Ecosystem Services Messaging: Needs Assessment and Initial Recommendations
      Resource Media, 2012. A paper commissioned by the Bullitt Foundation. Report (pdf)

Markets and Payments   

    • Local Ecosystem Services Marketplaces: Public Utilities as Development Drivers
      Institute for Natural Resources
      May 2012
      In previous research, the Institute for Natural Resources has found that payments for ecosystem services may be most effective at the local and regional levels. This report focuses on one utility company’s riparian restoration incentives program to examine the possible benefits of developing regional marketplaces for ecosystem service programs through public utility companies. Read full report (pdf)
    • Guide to Environmental Markets for Farmers and Ranchers
      Farmland Trust

      October 2010
      A practical guide to ways agricultural producers can profit from the growing environmental marketplace.
      Read full report (pdf)

    • Measuring Up: Synchronizing Biodiversity Measurement Systems for Markets and Other Incentive Programs
      Willamette Partnership
      April 2011
      Biodiversity is a key component to a healthy natural environment, which can supply the ecosystem services that sustain our economy and human health. This report focuses on two areas of action that could help improve investments for biodiversity: standardizing systems for measuring the outcomes of current incentive programs, and providing options for federal agencies and others to support biodiversity incentives.  Read full report (pdf)
    • Financing Mechanisms that Advance Ecosystem Service Markets and Promote Rural Sustainability
      Ecosystem Economics, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, Institute for Natural Resources

      June 2010
      Ecosystem services markets represent potential revenue streams for small- and medium-scale rural agricultural and forest producers, yet these markets often entail financial risks that may discourage many rural landowners from participating. This report considers the barriers and solutions to increasing rural participation in ecosystem service markets. Read full report (pdf)

    Conservation Alternatives  

    • Ecosystem Services as a Framework for Forest Stewardship: Deschutes National Forest Overview
      USDA Forest Service

      August 2011
      This document explores how an ecosystem service approach can enhance forest stewardship in central Oregon, from assessing supply and demand for services to building partnerships with stakeholders.
      Read full report (pdf)
    • Nature’s value in the Skykomish Watershed
      Earth Economics
      December 2011
      The Skykomish Watershed spans glaciers, forests, streams, wetlands, grasslands, ranches, and farms, all of which provide economically valuable goods and services to the regional economy—including fish, timber, crops, flood protection, water filtration, and recreational opportunities. Read full report (pdf)
    • Policy Cornerstones and Action Strategies for an Integrated Ecosystem Marketplace in Oregon
      Institute for Natural Resources
      July 2008
      An integrated ecosystem service marketplace has enormous potential for replacing existing ad hoc conservation and restoration strategies—stimulating demand, increasing efficiency, and lowering transaction costs in the ecosystem service marketplace. Read full report (pdf)
    • Senate Bill 513 Ecosystem Services and Markets, Final Report
      Oregon Sustainability Board
      December 2010
      This report provides background information and policy recommendations for creating a successful ecosystem service marketplace in Oregon. Read full report (pdf)
    • The Puyallup River Watershed: An Ecological Economic Characterization
      Earth Economics
      May 2011
      Ecosystem services in the Puyallup River Watershed—including flood risk reduction, salmon habitat, and soil retention—provide an estimated $526 million to $5 billion in benefits to the regional economy annually.  
      Read full report (pdf)