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Other Resources

Curious about ecosystem service projects in your region or beyond? Learn more and join the discussion by following the links below:

  • The Marketplace for Nature is an online resource that highlights conservation projects designed to conserve ecosystem services.
  • The Ecosystem Service Commons is a gathering place for a community on ecosystem services. It is managed by Oregon State University’s Institute for Natural Resources. The Cascadia Ecosystem Services Partnership has a subpage on the site.
  • The National Ecosystem Services Partnership (NESP) is managed by the Nicolas Institute at Duke University, and facilitates collaboration across the national ecosystem services network.
  • The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) is currently managed by Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and serves as a worldwide network to enhance the science and practical application of ecosystem services assessment.
  • The Wildlife Society Annual Conference (PDF) hosted speakers on the topic of Ecosystem Services: Leveraging Incentives for Wildlife Conservation. This PDF provides a compilation of presentation synopses.
  • Defenders of Wildlife produced a paper entitled Nature's Benefits: the Importance of Assessing Biodiversity in Eocystem Services Programs, exploring the process of incorporating ecosystem services into decision making (PDF).