Meet the 2018-19 Cohorts

2018-19 Cohorts

USA is assembling two cohorts for 2018-19: one focused on developing accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and one exploring cost-effective transportation investments.  Please read the descriptions below.


1. Authorizing and Constructing Accessory Dwelling Units

We are offering a year of professional advice and expert assistance to teams from states, regions, cities, counties or townships that want to promote the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) - also called granny flats, in-law apartments, basement apartments, alley flats, or backyard cottages. 

This program will help participants determine how best to encourage ADU development in their area. Assistance will be tailored to the specific needs or challenges of each place-based team. Issues explored by teams may include zoning code changes and challenges; ADU-building costs; sustainable design and construction; financing and permitting; who owns and who rents ADUs; and how communities can deploy ADUs to increase affordable housing supply and maximize their potential environmental and equity benefits.

We are currently in the recruitment phase for this cohort; contact Molly Baer Kramer at for more information or to apply.



2. Improving Transportation Investment Decisions

We are planning a cost-effective transportation investments symposium that challenges current practices and assumptions and promotes new approaches to the wise investment of public dollars. The first symposium on this topic, “New Thinking for a New Era,” was held at Portland State University in September 2016. The goal of these symposia is to help transportation officials and others understand how transportation investments can combine multiple approaches, marrying cost effectiveness with environmental protection, social justice, and economic development - in other words, how to use practical solutions to get the best value for taxpayers in this new era.  Out of these symposia, we hope a cohort of places emerge that are willing to work on implementing these ideas over the course of a year with the assistance of USA Experts. Contact us if you think your region is ready to start implementing these new ideas or if you'd like to attend the next symposium.