How to Apply

The Urban Sustainability Accelerator is now accepting applications to participate in our 2018-19 cohorts. The process is informal and designed to help make your application as strong as possible.

How to Apply

The application process is informal and iterative.  The application must be made on behalf of the proposed implementation team, with statements of support from the agencies or organizations with which team members are affiliated.

Step One

Anyone interested in assembling a team to participate in the USA program should schedule an initial call with USA Director Robert Liberty at, or (503) 725-4042.   Prospective members of your team are welcome to join the call, and additional calls can be scheduled until all questions are answered.

Step Two

Your application can take the form of a letter or any other format you prefer, and should include the following information:

  • Project Title:  A short, descriptive title for the project (for use on website and in publications)
  • Project Description: A brief description of the project you wish to implement, and the measurable ways it will advance your city’s sustainability.
  • Deliverables or Outcomes: A list of the products or outcomes you intend to achieve as a result of your participation in the USA program.
  • Participating Entities: The entities participating in the implementation effort - e.g., government entities, businesses, professional associations, nonprofits, and educational institutions.
  • Implementation Team Members:  Names, affiliations, and contact information for all proposed members of your implementation team and why these individuals are necessary to the project (you may attach this as an appendix or a separate document).  The application should include or be accompanied by an indication of support from the people or organizations that would be members of the implementation team.  
  • Commitments: Your team’s commitment to this effort, including the resources (time, expenses, other) that will be contributed to the implementation effort by all participants over the course of the year.
  • Assistance needed: Tells us what kinds of assistance you would like to access from the USA program during the course of the year.  You may be general or specific.  Be sure to consult our list of expert advisers on our website (we will also find and add other experts to meet your needs).
  • Other Information: Any other information you believe would be helpful to your application, such as maps, images, or prior reports. 

Email your application to:

Step Three

Upon acceptance into the program, participants and the USA will draft and jointly adopt a formal agreement setting forth the participants' understanding of their goals for, and contributions to, the project.  The participation fee is due at this point.