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SRL rates are competitive with other academic and commercial survey organizations.

Please contact us at or 800-530-5875 for an informal estimate. Project costs can vary depending on the list of factors provided below.

Initial consultation and estimates are provided free of charge.

Also, please visit our FAQ page for more information.   


What type of project are you interested in?

  • Phone, Web, or in-person surveys
  • Mail Survey
  • Data Analysis and Report Writing

Phone, Web, or In-Person Surveys

  • What population will be surveyed?
  • If needed, what subgroups or quotas will you have?
  • Will you need assistance in developing survey items?
  • How many items does your survey have?
  • What is the estimated time to complete the survey?
  • How many completed surveys are needed?
  • Will you need assistance in sample size estimation?
(Phone Only)
  • Will your survey require screening items to locate a specific type of respondent?
  • Will a sample of respondents need to be purchased?
(Phone and Web Only)
  • Will you provide a list of respondent phone numbers or email addresses?
  • Do you know what the response rate is likely to be?
Additional Items
  • Are there any additional project requirements?
    - Examples include translation or long distance calling. 

Mail Survey

Will the following items be needed for your mailing?

  • Introductory letter, consent form, reminder letter/card, or subject payment?
  • Will you need assistance in developing survey items, letters or invitations?
  • Will you need the SRL to process returned mailed surveys or response cards?
  • Will you need any data entered from hard copies of surveys?

Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • What types of data analysis would you need: frequencies, crosstabs, group comparisons, or regression?
  • What type of report would you need: a methodology report or a complete methodology and findings report?
  • Would you want a presentation of the findings?

Focus Groups, Trainings, Consultation, or Data Entry

Please call us at 503-725-9530 to discuss.

All Projects

  • Is any of the support from your project from federal funding?
  • Do you have any additional timing-related project specifications? Examples include project deadlines; the duration of the project in days, weeks, months; or multiple waves of data collection.