Tapping PSU’s people power to reach sustainability goals
Author: Campus Sustainability Office
Posted: November 6, 2017

The Campus Sustainability Office has partnered with Human Resources to integrate PSU’s sustainability mission and values with the recruitment and onboarding of all new faculty and staff. 

PSU’s has a strong commitment to sustainability that is reflected in our mission and values, the University’s campus-wide learning outcomes, and through our bold climate goal to be carbon neutral by 2040. These goals can’t be achieved without the support of the entire campus community, and the faculty and staff who come to work here every day play an especially important role, bringing passion and expertise to help generate solutions that lead to a sustainable campus. 

As part of PSU’s ongoing effort to institutionalize sustainability into the culture of the campus community, Human Resources has created an onboarding video highlighting the University’s commitment to sustainability and has also added an environmental stewardship statement to all job postings. This statement emphasizes PSU’s sustainability values and goals and states that employees will, “contribute to a culture of environmental stewardship, practice resource conservation, and actively work toward achieving long-term sustainability goals.”

“We can’t achieve our sustainability goals without support from our staff and faculty”, said Isaac Dixon, associate vice president of human resources. “Our employees bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that ensures the long-term success of our sustainability initiatives.”

Human Resources has long been a champion of PSU’s sustainability initiatives and has worked with the Campus Sustainability Office in 2014 to include sustainability training at all new employee briefings and was one of the first departments on campus to sign up for the Travel Offset Program, helping to mitigate the greenhouse gas impacts of University business travel and helping us get closer to our goal of being a carbon neutral campus.

“HR is the heart of any organization and PSU is no different,” said Jenny McNamara, campus sustainability office director. “Our great partnership with HR at PSU shows that our commitment to sustainability runs deep.”