Below are forms and helpful links related to our office.  If you have any questions, please call us or come in to the office.  We are located in the Smith Memorial Student Union, Suite 462 or call (503)725-9878 or  email us at

Jim Sells Online Application     Must use your pdx login to access

Blank W-9 If your provider has not had a student with Jim Sells Child Care Subsidy in the past, they must submit this form in order to be paid.

Provider Invoice  This form is only to be used if the provider does not offer a billing statement/invoice to parents using their services.

The Appeal Form is for students not meeting Jim Sells requirements, yet feel they have extenuating circumstances that they want us to consider. If you have additional questions about the appeal process,  please email

Continuation FormEvery term after enrolling that your care continues, please submit the appropriate continuation form so we know about your current enrollment status, contact information, coverage needs, etc.