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Service Award

The division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Service Award is intended to recognize staff members who have made exceptional contributions of service to the PSU campus community.  Any member of the PSU community may nominate a staff member who they feel fits the criteria below:

  • the employee goes above and beyond to serve students;
  • the employee places the success of others as the highest priority;
  • the employee finds ways to preserve, recognize, and advance our University priority of student success;
  • the employee has made significant contributions to our campus community

Service Awards are given annually to between 5 and 10 staff members who work in the division.  Past award winners are listed below:

Name Name of Award

Kim Utschig

2016 Outstanding New Professional Award

Brian Janssen

2016 Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award

Michele Toppe

2016 Pillar of EMSA Award

Matthew Sagayaga

2016 Unsung Hero Award

Mark Brinkmann

2016 Unsung Hero Award

Student Sustainability Center

2016 Innovative Program Award

Cheryl Forster

2016 Contribution to Knowledge Award

Heather Goah

2016 Voice of Inclusion Award

Erin Merz

2016 Creative Excellence Award

Student Activities and Leadership Programs

2016 Emerging Best Practice in Assessment Award

Julie Boyles

2016 Faculty Partner Award

Ann Mestrovich

2016 Campus Partner Award

Oregon Food Bank

2016 Community Partner Award 

Dr. Sherril Gelmon

2015 Faculty Partner Award

Theres Graner

2015 Campus Partner Award 

O'Brien Dental Lab, Inc.

2015 Community Partner Award 

The Mind Spa

2015 Innovative Program Award 

Marcella Flores

2015 Assessment Award for Emerging Best Practice 

Kanani Porotesano

2015 Assessment Award for Excellence and Innovation 

Angela Abel

2015 Creative Excellence Award 

Melissa Bennett

2015 Contribution to Knowledge Award 

Jessica Cole

2015 Voice of Inclusion Award 

Adrienne Graf 

2015 Unsung Hero Award

Virginia Luka

2015 New Progressional Award 

Kris Fedor

2015 Mid-Level Professional Award 

Courtney Sandler

2015 Pillar of EMSA Award 

Heather Spalding

2014 Excellence and Innovation in Assessment Award 

Greg King

2014 Emerging Best Practice in Assessment Award 

Joe's Burgers

2014 EMSA Community Partner Award 

Julie Smith

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Chas Lopez

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Amanda Nguyen

2014 EMSA Partner Award 


2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Karen Kennedy

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Kristen Keith

2014 EMSA Partner Award

Michael Sweney

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Christina Jinghui Li

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Chris Hanel

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Linda Liu

2014 EMSA Partner Award 

Erin Bransford 2014 EMSA Partner Award 
Mike Walsh 2014 EMSA Partner Award 
Jackie Balzer 2014 EMSA Partner Award 
Nicolle Nixon DuPont 2013 Assessment Award 
Johnathan Luster 2013 Assessment Award 
Courtner Sandler  2013 Service Award
Nick Waldon  2013 Service Award
Christi Ziegler 2013 Service Award
Chris Hart 2013 Service Award
Melanie Dixon 2013 Service Award
Rachel Samuelson 2013 Service Award
Becki Ingersoll 2013 Service Award
Jess Goodwin 2013 Service Award
Clara Fisher Johnson 2013 Service Award
Allen Roberts  2012 Diversity Award
Cat McGraw 2012 Diversity Award
Shannon Sprague 2012 Assessment Award
Lisa Hatfield 2012 Service Award
Dan Valles 2012 Service Award
Paulette Watanbe 2012 Service Award
Carla Riedlinger 2012 Service Award
Linda Etter 2012 Service Award
Lissa Kaufman 2012 Service Award
Mary Vance 2012 Service Award
Jessica Amo 2011 Service Award
Heather Goah 2011 Service Award
Jeff Pinkerton 2011 Service Award
Mary Ann Barham 2011 Service Award
Melanie Dixon 2011 Service Award
Jeff Stein 2011 Service Award
Onnie Granados 2011 Service Award
Gabrielle Sysyn 2010 Service Award
Jeffrey Smith 2010 Service Award
Cindy Baccar 2010 Service Award
Alicia Printemps-Herget 2010 Service Award
Joelle Kenney 2010 Service Award