Use Wi-Fi to boost your cell phone connectivity
Author: Dulce Flores Cruz, Office of Information Technology
Posted: June 5, 2018

Did you know you can use Portland State’s extensive Wi-Fi infrastructure to make calls and send messages from your cell phone without relying on a carrier signal? You can with Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi Calling is a service that lets you stay more reliably connected across campus by giving you the ability to use our Wi-Fi network when your carrier signal drops.
All four major US carriers provide Wi-Fi Calling with most phone models. Check with your carrier to see if your phone model supports Wi-Fi Calling and if any fees apply: 

To enable Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, see Wi-Fi Calling on PSU Campus for Android and iOS devices. 

When you enable Wi-Fi Calling, we recommend that you connect to the PSU Secure network so you don’t need to worry about reconnecting every time you enter campus. Instead, you will be connected automatically.

PSU faculty and staff can request Wi-Fi coverage for classrooms and offices where Wi-Fi is not set up or is too weak to support Wi-Fi Calling. To request Wi-Fi coverage, contact your Telecom coordinator