Letters: Winter 2006
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: January 29, 2006

I was there

The Story Behind the Galileo Book Purchase.Professor Victor Dahl's letter about the gift of a first edition of Galileo's Dialogo to the Millar Library (fall 2005) ascribes an incorrect date to the event.

My illustrious predecessor, Dr. Jean Black, would certainly have enthusiastically applauded this generous gift; however, it was my great privilege to welcome the donation of the volume at a reception held January 16, 1973.

Mrs. Lowell Brekke made the presentation on behalf of Cultura d'Italia, and President Gregory B. Wolfe formally accepted the gift for the University.

Incidentally, if Professor Dahl is correct in stating that the purchase price was $2,500, it was an incredible bargain! Not only is the library copy in extremely fine condition, it contains the bookplate of Stillman Drake, one of the foremost Galileo scholars of his time.

Frank Rodgers
Library Director, 1969-1979

Keep telling the story of Cyprus

Thank you for the splendid coverage and timely publication of the "Cyprus On The Line" article (fall 2005) by John Kirkland.

As noted, this division has been managed by the United Nations and is the "fourth oldest of its kind in the world," yet unresolved. Keeping the general American public informed with good news stories will in some way move this forward toward a solution.

E. John Rumpakis

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