Letters: Fall 2007
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: November 1, 2007

Remembering Joseph Blumel

It was an honor for me to be on campus as Portland State celebrated the life and accomplishments of the late Joseph C. Blumel, a man I knew as professor, president, and friend.

The hard work and dedication given to us by Joe in the turbulent '70s and money-starved '80s laid the foundation for what the University is today. President Blumel enriched many of our lives because of his caring attitudes. It did not matter to him whether we were administrators, faculty, staff, or students; he appreciated our contributions. We will miss his presence.

Lyn Stone, retired PSU staff
Erieville, New York

Editor's note: There are plans to redesignate West Hall as Joseph Blumel Hall. The student housing building is located on Southwest 12th and Mill.

Volunteering in New Orleans

More than a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I read an article describing the continuing needs of its residents. I decided to add my semi-skilled efforts. I made my first trip in December 2006 to help rebuild a friend's father's home in the Seventh Ward. Since then, I have been back five more times to work on that house, an adjacent home, and another across the street that was occupied by a 101-year-old widow.

This volunteer work has been one of the most satisfying experiences that I have had in my 63 years of being on this planet. I am convinced that with retired skilled workers from across the nation, we have the ability to bring New Orleans and the Gulf Cost back bigger, better, and stronger than ever.

Kenneth Hennrich '72

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