KGW: HGTV house-flipping seminar postponed in OR, WA after backlash
Author: KGW
Posted: November 25, 2015

Learn to flip houses in Portlnad

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UPDATE: The Portland, Salem, Eugene, Longview and Vancouver seminars have now been postponed. The event organizers have not announced whether the events will be rescheduled.


PORTLAND, Ore. -- The stars of an HGTV show are coming to Oregon next week, but they're not coming to film. They will be here for a seminar to teach people how to flip houses for a big profit.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa, of the show Flip or Flop, remodel run-down homes in California, and sell them for big profits.

Their traveling seminar has been advertising on Facebook and Instagram saying you can "...learn how to flip houses in the Portland area for a profit without using your own funds."

Scrolling through the hundreds of comments on a sponsored Instagram post, most go like this: "Stay out of Portland!! You're preying on low income families and marketing to out of state buyers that are pushing locals out. You are not welcome!!"

We asked people on the streets of Portland what they think.

"It seems a little tone deaf coming into a situation like we have in Portland," said Sam Walton, when we showed him the sponsored Instagram post.

Tiffany Torquemada, visiting from California said, "If you don't like it, don't go and if you do, why not?"

"In some ways, it's people blaming the messenger," said Professor Gerry Mildner, who teaches the future crop of real estate developers at Portland State University. He says it's obvious Portlanders are upset at housing prices, worried about their living situation and desperate to keep the sleepier city they knew, that's now gone forever.

"I think it's a problem we need to wake up to," Mildner said. "I see the problem as primarily we don't have enough land available to build the housing that we need."

To get it, he says we must expand the urban growth boundary, because projections show by 2035, Portland will be the fourth most expensive rental market in the country.

So to keep the Rose City from changing too much, sometimes all we can do, is badmouth the ones trying to change it.

"I don't think the comments are going to change the show from coming, so it's kind of useless but it's a good sentiment to have," said Alex Baldino of Portland.

There are six stops for this seminar from November 30 through December 5. It will make stops in Eugene, Salem, Portland, Vancouver and Longview. Some people on social media promise to picket the locations.